Attorneys Handling Civil And Criminal Appeals

An initial ruling handed down by a court is not necessarily the final word. It is always possible for you or another party in the case to argue for a different result on appeal. The appeals process is complex and securing legal representation from an attorney who understands appellate law is essential to giving your case the best chance of success.

At Garcia Ives Nowara, our lawyers have the legal research and writing skills and appellate experience needed to help craft effective appeals. Call us at 505-273-3064 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Considerations When Thinking About An Appeal

Attorney experience: Because the appeals process is so different from initial court proceedings, it is important to seek legal counsel who has experience with appellate practice. These cases are won and lost based on the strength of the attorney's legal writing ability and his or her ability to effectively state his or her case at oral argument. A lawyer who has little to no experience with the appeals process may not be the best choice if you hope to prevail.

Attention to detail: An appeal is not a retrial of a case. New evidence may not be introduced at the appellate stage. An attorney must be prepared to go over the trial record line by line in an effort to spot any irregularities and/or mistakes that may be used to help strengthen your argument.

We Understand The Appeals Process

Zachary A. Ives has worked as a law clerk in appellate court and has represented clients on appeal in all New Mexico courts, the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. He has successfully argued for his clients in a number of reported cases. Together, our legal team will work hard to help craft a strong argument for why the appellate court should decide your case in your favor, whether you won or lost in the trial court.

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